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Global IT Staffing

Your own team remote with Bridge: The solution to your recruitment- and up scaling problems

Global IT staffing entails that you can build your own team of developers, designers or testers remotely, who is working close with your local team. In other words, it becomes like an extended arm of your organization working in one of our offices in Ukraine or India.

The availability of skilled developers in Ukraine and India makes it possible to both scale quickly and find the expertise you can only dream of in the western companies. Our developers, designers and testers have different technical backgrounds and therefore we have expertise in variety of tools and development languages. The most important thing for us is that the people you are working with have the expertise in your field of technology.

Our teams are working a lot with software development, system development, web development, mobile applications and open source. If you need a specific competence in your team, we will find the right person with the right qualifications for you.

You have full control over their daily work, and the team abroad can be included as a part of your existing team or work independently on your projects. We educate and encourage staff to follow your work procedures and processes so that they become an integral part of your business. Agile methods are a natural part of this and it is something that we recommend.

Flexible contracts

It is all very simple; you hire your team members for a week, month, year or another period of time. You do not have to worry about attracting people, human resources, administrations such as taxes, paying salaries and office equipment. You will receive an invoice every month and Bridge takes care of the rest, you should just focus on the technical dialogue with your team.

European service, offshore costs

Bridge links Dutch knowledge and service with attractive savings with your team in Ukraine or India. Our western staff never release control of our cooperation, and is involved in the work regularly.

Our company follows a Western approach and the staff is accustomed to working with companies from for example Sweden, Germany and Holland. We have a flat organization with efficient overhead to be able to offer attractive prices. If you have feedback on our cooperation your local Account Manager is just a call away.

Preparation IT offshoring

The preparation for working with your own team offshore or nearshore is very important. In three steps, we create a solid foundation for a successful partnership. Bridge provides personalized service when it comes to the development of profiles, a customized selection process and a workshop tailored to your company's situation.

STEP 1. Drawing up profiles

You hire your IT talent at the level and quantity you want. On the basis of your criteria Bridge carefully puts together a profile for every programmer or designer. Which communicative and technical skills does your IT employee need to have? Do you already know exactly which jobs you want to outsource?

STEP 2. Selecting your employees

Then you personally select – in consultation with Bridge – the right people via Skype or telephone. Or would you rather meet your employees in person? That is also possible. You choose the people you feel confident in. That way we make sure that your new colleagues fits in with your organization.

STEP 3. Workshop

In a workshop Bridge will find out which processes in your company are suitable for a cooperation. You will benefit from our experience with previous offshore projects. If you do not yet have suitable processes, Bridge will develop them with you. Together we also determine your company’s and Bridge’s responsibilities.

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